Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan Page: “Mayor McCloud, you are a bully; all bullies have these things in common, they are cowards,..."

ABSTRACT: At the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, 7 April 2009, during Appearances, Carmelite Susan Page addressed the public and the City Council, particularly Mayor Sue McCloud. The remarks of Susan Page are transcribed. COMMENTS are made with accompanying digital photos.

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

VI. Appearances
Anyone wishing to address the City Council on matters within the jurisdiction of the City and are not on the agenda may do so now. Matters not appearing on the City Council’s agenda will not receive action at this meeting but may be referred to staff for a future meeting. Presentations will be limited to three (3) Minutes, or as otherwise established by the City Council. Persons are not required to give their names, but it is helpful for speakers to state their names in order that the City Clerk may identify them in the minutes of the meeting.

Always speak into the microphone, as the meeting is recorded. The City Council Chambers is equipped with a portable microphone for anyone unable to come to the podium. Assisted listening devices are available upon request of the City Clerk. If you need assistance, please advise Heidi Burch as to which item you would like to comment on and the microphone will be brought to you.

Carmelite Susan Page:
“Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Susan Page.”

“My number one subject is our beloved firemen. I have spoken with many firefighters and they unanimously support the proposed contract. Money should not be an issue. They put their lives on the line ever day to save people and property.”

“The second subject is the library. The library has been down in staff for the last four years and now because of the economy they are busier than ever and they cannot afford any more cuts.”

“Number three subject, Mayor McCloud. She is the neighbor on the east side of our family house. For those of you who don’t know, I was recently able to take down an enormous hazardous tree, it was a huge and expensive, long struggle, but I won, even though the final approved permit, when I picked it up, they called and said it was voided and the wording was changed. I have tried to get an answer to who directed that and I, no avail."

"I will now quote the first paragraph of the Pine Cone January 9 Editorial entitled “Abuse of the process,” ‘EVERY CITIZEN is supposed to be equal under the law, but in California how you’re treated as you go through the permit process depends on how ornery your neighbor happens to be and how many lawyers he can afford to hire,’ in this case I am going to say she an afford to hire. Mayor McCloud you are a bully; all bullies have these things in common, they are cowards, they don’t like confrontations and they don’t like being held accountable."

"Thank you.”

(Source: Archived Videos, Regular City Council Meeting, April 07, 2009, 24:35 – 26:06)

Rotten Core in removed Black Acacia Tree Trunk
As shown in the digital photo above of a cross sectional cut of the removed black acacia tree, and confirmed by Andrew Tope of Tope’s Tree Service, the black acacia tree was rotten to the core. Vindication then for Susan Page and her safety concerns.

Some Carmelites are well aware of Mayor Sue McCloud’s abusive tactics of intimidation and bullying of Carmel residents; that those Carmelites have chosen to condone Mayor Sue McCloud’s despicable acts speaks to their refusal to confront Mayor Sue McCloud and support a fellow Carmel resident.

Tope's Tree Service worker removing black acacia tree roots; one of two olive trees planted in Susan Page’s side yard.


Anonymous said...

I have genuine sympathy for Susan Page. Sue cannot even treat her neighbor fairly and if she cannot treat her neigbor well, she cannot treat anyone well.
Most carmel residents do not know what an arrogant tyrant she is. It's her way or no way.
You have got to get the word out Sue McCloud cannot be trusted with any more years in public office. Carmel residents have got to put an end to her using her public office to promote her own unfair private advantage.

Anonymous said...

It is so typical Susan Page cannot get an answer to her question from anyone at the city. Why is it carmel residents only care about things when it happens to them? Why don't we have a populace who can empathize with someone wrongly treated by the city and the mayor? Carmel is a very troubling place.

Anonymous said...

There is very little Sue McCloud won't stoop to if she thinks she can get away with it. This was no doubt a good quality when she was employed by the federal government but it has certainly served Carmel badly during the years she has held elected office.