Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Special City Council Meeting: Two Agenda Items

ABSTRACT: On the Special City Council Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, March 25, 2009, there are two Orders of Council, namely “Receive economic analysis report on Flanders Mansion” and “Receive report and provide policy direction regarding contracting fire protection services to the City of Monterey.” Highlights of Public Safety Director George Rawson's Report are presented, as the six page packet consists of the Public Safety Director’s STAFF REPORT only.

Special Meeting
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
4:30 p.m.
Council Chambers
East side of Monte Verde Street between Ocean and Seventh Avenues

IV. Orders of Council

A. Receive economic analysis report on Flanders Mansion.

B. Receive report and provide policy direction regarding contracting fire protection services to the City of Monterey.


Receive report and provide policy direction regarding contracting fire protection services to the City of Monterey.

• Highlights of the STAFF REVIEW, specifically business points related to the proposed agreement with the City of Monterey, as follows:
􀂾 Monterey Assistant Chief Andrew Miller will oversee the daily operations of the Carmel fire station.

􀂾 This model upgrades fire protection to Carmel by enhancing operational and staff capacity. The on-duty staffing available to Carmel on a 24/7 basis expands from three firefighters to a system-wide 18 firefighters. These firefighters would be trained in Carmel, to make them thoroughly familiar with the City.

􀂾 The available pool of full-time firefighters expands from nine to 70. These firefighters would be trained in Carmel to make them thoroughly familiar with the City. Response times of approximately three minutes from the Carmel Fire station are preserved.

􀂾 Fire apparatus inventory increases from two engines to 11 engines, two ladder trucks, one heavy rescue, fire boat and breathing air support unit.

􀂾 Eliminates duplication of services, because Carmel will no longer be responsible for recruitment, hiring, labor relations, discipline, payroll, workers’ compensation, and related responsibilities for managing fire department personnel, resulting in additional cost savings.

􀂾 The proposed agreement offers long-term sustainability, the opportunity to reduce future costs if other fire departments opt in and includes language for alternate governance if there is mutual interest in creating a Joint Powers Authority.

Note: The Carmel firefighters have expressed their support of contracting with Monterey; the agreement has been approved by both the Carmel and Monterey firefighters’ associations.

• Highlights of FISCAL IMPACT, as follows:
For FY 09-10, the cost for the fire department, excluding the City’s Regional Ambulance Subsidy, totals $1,850,000. This figure includes the addition of the three new firefighters.

The projected cost for a contract with Monterey for FY 09-10 is $2,076,000. This partnership with Monterey will cost $226,000 more than the City’s current projected cost for the fire department.

In order to achieve a comparable level of service and staffing, however, Carmel would have to create a stand-alone department, which would include duty chiefs and a fire chief. The projected cost to the City for a stand-alone fire department for FY 09-10 is $2,723,000.

For FY 10-11, the projected cost for year two of a contract with Monterey is $2,625,000, while the cost for a stand alone fire department is $2,766,000.

• Highlights of SUMMARY, as follows:
A proposed time line, as follows:
April 7, 2009: City Council considers action for approving the proposed Monterey contract.

June 30, 2009: Due date for Monterey to complete all contract preparatory actions

July 1, 2009: Implementation of contract

(Source: Special Meeting Agenda Packet March 25 2009)


Anonymous said...

The Carmel Firefighters are for the contract with Monterey. That is good enough for me. Full speed ahead and let's get this contract signed, sealed and delievered. The firefighters and citizens of Carmel deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Stop to think a minute and take the personalities out of this. Is this really good for Carmel? Once given away, Carmel cannot go back to its own services in spite of what the agreement with Monterey says. It would be nearly impossible to rebuild a department and extremely costly if the agreement with Monterey wasn't working out very well.

Going with Monterey affects response time to any emergency since someone from over the hill has to come here to back up our three firefighters on duty. Response time would no longer be 2-3 minutes. Add to that the time it takes for someone to come over from Monterey.

We shouldn't rush into this decision. We have fire protection and have mutual aid in place. There is too much at stake to risk a decision based on limited, myopic information.