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"Welcome to the Forest Theater" Banner, THE FOREST THEATER 1910

ABSTRACT: Today, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Forest Theatre, the Forest Theatre was adorned with images of past plays, performances, casts, actors, programs and the Forest Theatre setting from 1910 to 1965. Photos of the poster sized images are presented with dates.

"DAVID" Program, 1910

THE FOREST THEATER, CARMEL, close-up of "DAVID" program

San Francisco Examiner, July 10, 1910, About "DAVID," The First Play at the Forest Theater

Entrance to Forest Theatre

Stage Set for Unknown Play

Stage Set for Unknown Play

Alice in Wonderland, 1912

Montezuma, 1914

Montezuma, 1914

A Trio of Plays: Robin Hood, Prince Happy Heart, Prunella, 1919

Stage Set for Pomander Walk, 1921

Eleventh Annual Summer Festival: The Yellow Jacket, Snow White, The Merry Wives

Cast of Inchling, 1922

"Bats Stand Over the Inchling," 1922

Ruth Kuster as Cleopatra, Caesar & Cleopatra, 1922

Mr. Bunt, 1924

Iphigenia in Tauris, 1925

Arms and the Man, 1926

Herbert Heron as Hamlet, Hamlet, 1926

Cast Shot for Hamlet, 1926

Romero & Juliet, 1927

Julius Caesar, 1930

God of Gods, 1930

The Man Who Married A Dumb Wife, 1934

Reconstruction of the Stage, circa 1937

Carmel Shakespeare Festival: MacBeth and Twelfth Night, 1940

Climactic fight scene, Hamlet, 1941

"Alas, poor Yorick," Hamlet, 1941

Carmel Shakespeare Festival: Julius Caesar and Twelfth Night, 1942

Henry Kersh, 1949

Winterset, 1950

Cast Shot for Lysistrata, 1951

That's The Ticket, 1952

The Firebrand, 1953

Baby Be Still, 1953

Three Comedies: Two Gentlemen From Soho, Dark Lady, Helene's Husband, 1954

As You Like It, 1954

Herbert Heron, circa 1965

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for focusing on the history of the Forest Theater with the posting of the historical playbills, photos, etc. And thanks to the persons responsible for rescuing them from the archives and making them visible to the public. As they say, you cannot move ahead constructively if you do not know about what transpired in the past.

The Forest Theater really deserves to be treated better than it has by this council and previous councils. The city should have a plan for new restroom facilities for actors on stage and patrons attending events and other basic and more technologically advanced equipment like lighting and sound projection equipment. My fear is now the Centennial Celebration is over nothing will be done and the theater will continue to deteriorate by neglect-a real shame.