Friday, September 10, 2010


“His (City Administrator Rich Guillen's) conduct, in violation of the city's code of ethics, caused the city to settle five similar claims totaling in excess of $1.1 million. This negatively affects our community.”

“Guillen has lost credibility, and his presence is a distraction. The community cannot move forward until council members directly and decisively withdraw support of Guillen so he can announce his "retirement."”

“For the good of our community, Rich Guillen needs to go — one way or another.”

(Source: Guillen needs to go — one way or another, Ken White, Carmel, Letters, The Monterey County Herald, 09/10/2010)

Other Sources:
Guillen must go, Ken White, Carmel, Letters to the Editor, The Carmel Pine Cone, September 10, 2010, 20A

Mayor Pain, Ken White | Carmel, Letters, MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY, September 16, 2010

“Action must be taken before the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea can move forward and leave this sordid affair behind.”

“The City of Carmel has exposed itself to future litigation because of this irresponsible and indefensible lack of action. The city administrator can’t effectively perform his duties for fear of another lawsuit. If decisive action had been taken earlier, the city would not have been subjected to this distraction and humiliation. Immediate and decisive action must be taken by the city council.”

(Source: Golden parachute? Richard Ely, Carmel, Letters to the Editor, The Carmel Pine Cone, September 10, 2010. 20A & 21A)

“Basic issues of governance, ethics and the appropriate response to long-term patterns of inappropriate behavior are at stake.”

“It’s time for McCloud and the City Council to replace Guillen. If that doesn’t happen soon, the citizens of Carmel need to replace McCloud and other councilmembers who have a role in this inept leadership.”

(Source: Carmel In Crisis: It’s time to face the facts—and for Guillen to go. Bradley Zeve & Paul Wilner, Monterey County Weekly, September 2, 2010)

“ wit: In my book Guillen and responsible elected officials of Carmel have brought shame on our town's good name. How is Carmel to be made whole again? What will erase the anger and humiliation?”

“Shame on the responsible officials who apparently sit by and take no action to correct a festering situation. Isn't anyone responsible? When elected/employed officials fail in their legal responsibilities to protect the best interests of their constituents/employers, they deserve recall/dismissal. The buck stops at those officials' desks.”

(Source: Inaction in Carmel, Joyce Stevens, Carmel, Letters to the Editor, The Monterey County Herald, 08/14/2010)

(Other Source: ‘They deserve recall or dismissal,’ Joyce Stevens, Carmel, Letters to the Editor, The Carmel Pine Cone, August 13, 2010, 24A)

“But for the good of the city, he (City Administrator Rich Guillen) should resign.”

“But what about Guillen? ...there are also very troubling questions about how he has selected people to hire and promote, and about raises he granted to certain employees...”

“It isn’t necessary to undertake that investigation, however, because it is now certain that if he remains as city administrator, Guillen’s effectiveness will be greatly diminished, and so will the functioning of the entire city government, because of the distraction he presents. This will hurt everyone.”

“People at the top of any large organization have a lot of responsibility, but are also usually paid well and granted a lot of privileges. Hand in hand with all that comes an obligation to put the interests of the organization ahead of their own. This is especially true in government. And that is why Guillen should resign.”

(Source: Editorial: Guillen should resign, Paul Miller, The Carmel Pine Cone, August 6, 2010, 22A)


Skewed Priorities said...

Mayor Sue McCloud makes time for a TV crew to film shots of her Dandie Dinmont Terrier for a segment on a show on Animal Planet, but she cannot make time to hold a press conference and town hall meeting to answer questions about city hall, city’s settlement with Jane Miller, past city payoffs to keep employees quiet about their claims, etc.

By the way, that Goggle search did not produce any reference to First Dog of Carmel-by-the-Sea. It did produce the fact she brings her terrier to work. And on trolleys where only Seeing Eye dogs belong. Of course, at work, Robbie finds pantyhose in the trash around city hall-my what stories that dog could tell if only he could talk.

Anonymous said...

Many Carmelites still swoon over councilman Jason Burnett, but isn’t anyone disappointed by his hiding behind closed session responses to harassment at city hall? It has been months since the city’s settlement with Jane Miller and Jason Burnett still has not taken a public stand advocating for the departure of Rich Guillen, city administrator. Is he putting his long-term personal political career ambitions ahead of the welfare of city employees at city hall? Are his core supporters going along with that political calculation? Which side is Jason Burnett on? Not that long ago, he went to work for George W. Bush’s EPA as a registered Democrat with an agenda aligned with Bush’s opposing party. After his resignation, some called him a conniving politico and lowlife political hack, not a whistle-blower because there was no alleged crime committed, and the press gushed over him then.

Anonymous said...

Immediate and decisive action by the council requires leadership on the council. For example, whomever takes the public position of zero tolerance for the appearance or actual sexual harassment in city hall would be able to get constituents to rally behind that call and that council member in a hurry.

The entire council loses credibility with everyone when they are indecisive and no leadership is forthcoming. Every elected and appointed official needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility and action by pubicly calling for the departure of Rich Guillen. Until Rich is dealt with effectively, the council will be unable to tackle other issues. They cannot just sweep this all under the rug because if they do there will be other longer lasting consequencing in terms of negative publicity and a total lack of credibility in everything they do from now on.

Fire Rich said...

Today's Council meeting (9/14) confirms that an open discussion about the pressing issues facing Carmel will be obstructed by the Mayor and City Administrator at every turn - even when confronted in a public forum! If the Council will not take action then Carmel residents should initiate a recall petition that will at least serve to put the Mayor on notice.

Join the conversation and make your voice heard at the Fire Rich Guillen Facebook page!!!