Friday, October 08, 2010

CAROLYN HARDY and LINDA ANDERSON: ‘Guillen is Carmel liability’ Guest Commentary, The Monterey County Herald

ABSTRACT: The Monterey County Herald today published a Guest Commentary by Carmel Residents Association Board of Directors Secretary Carolyn Hardy and recently retired News Editor Linda Anderson; the Guest Commentary is entitled “Guillen is Carmel liability.” HIGHLIGHTS from the Commentary are presented; a link to “Sexual harassment documents reveal poor handling of case by city,” CARMEL RESIDENTS ASSOCIATON NEWS OCTOBER 2010, is provided. In their Guest Commentary, Hardy and Anderson conclude “Guillen has damaged Carmel's finances, reputation and employee morale. Despite all this and exposure to future liability, he still remains on the job at Carmel City Hall.”

Guillen is Carmel liability
Guest commentary
Posted: 10/08/2010

"More than two years after Jane Miller's initial complaint of retaliation, discrimination and harassment by City Administrator Rich Guillen, the Carmel City Council hasn't corrected problems that created Carmel's scandal. After three recent closed-session meetings, the council majority appears unwilling to take the essential next step of terminating Guillen's employment."

"Disregarding Miller's complaints and ignoring the ongoing misconduct investigation, council members not only failed to put Guillen on administrative leave, but awarded him a substantial retroactive pay raise in October 2008."

"Shortcomings in the investigation were revealed during Kramer's deposition as part of Miller's lawsuit: She never saw e-mails from Guillen to Miller and interviewed one former employee, but talked to none of the four employees who had been forced from their jobs."

"It is clear Guillen misled the city's investigator, and in turn, the City Council."

"For years Guillen has operated with impunity at City Hall."

"Carmel incurred $226,447 in defense costs."

"Guillen has damaged Carmel's finances, reputation and employee morale. Despite all this and exposure to future liability, he still remains on the job at Carmel City Hall."

Sexual harassment documents reveal poor handling of case by city


Sarah said...

I certainly agree Rich Guillen is a liability and this is a fine commentary. But, there is an 11th commandant in Carmel: Thou shalt not offend Mayor Sue McCloud. The commentary cites the Carmel City Council and mayor and City Council, but Sue McCloud is not named. When everyone knows Sue runs the city, it is not enough to target Rich Guillen. The dots must be connected and it must be made clear that Rich Guillen would not be city administrator today or have been allowed to abuse city employees without the acquiescence, approval and desire of Sue McCloud. Until residents understand that Sue McCloud does not care about the city’s reputation or finances, she is only concerned about her own image and survival on her terms, saying Guillen has damaged Carmel’s finances, reputation and employee morale will do nothing to make the mayor do the right thing and get rid of Guillen.

P.S. Guillen was able to retaliate against Jane Miller when he responded directly to Miller because the mayor (and council) violated state law by giving him (the alleged offender) Miller’s attorney’s letter describing her complaints.

P.S. City Attorney Don Freeman's office told Miller’s attorney he would response to that letter from Miller’s attorney, but he never did respond. He also knew about all those previous secret settlements for harassment and forced early retirement and did seemingly nothing to prevent future occurrences and/or was not bothered enough to resign or retire from his decades long gig in Carmel.

MG said...

Carolyn Hardy's & Linda Anderson's Guest Commentary in Friday's Herald is right on the mark! However, it does leave out two important points, perhaps because it might appear too controversial. The two points are the joint responsibility of the mayor, Sue McCloud, and her enabler, City Attorney Don Freeman. They knowingly perpetuated the present situation in City Hall for now more than ten years. They are just as much at fault as the morally degenerate Rich Guillen and should also be held accountable. GOD help us!

Anonymous said...

Nice recitation, but too little too late, I’m afraid. We reap what we sow. Going along to get along for years has led us to this pass. And we for the most part continue to go along to get along on other things large and small and sue continues to have it her way.

Anonymous said...

Just do it! Carmel residents should call and email the mayor and council and tell them in no uncertain terms it is time to dump Rich Guillen!

Then eventually the other council dominos will fall and we can then take back our town.