Friday, December 24, 2010

‘DOG TREE’ 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL (and especially to All Canines and Their Human Companions)

Ornaments, close-up

DOG TREE” 2010, Ornaments to Honor:
Aby, Alvin, Andre, Angel, Angus, Annie, Arrow, Bailey, Baily, Barney, Baue, Beaux, Bell, Belle, Beret, Biggy, Brandy, Brie, Brindle, Brownie, Buck, Buddy, Buffy, Bunny, Buster, Buttons, Carl, Carla, Celeste, Charley, Chewy, Clementine, Cody, Cosmo, Daisy, Dewey, Dot, Duke, Duncan, Elroy, Emma, Fritz, George, Gracie, Harvey, Heidi, Herman, Hershy, Huck, Huckleberry, India, Jake, Jackson, Jane, Jazzy, Katie, Keillor, Kelsey, Kodi, Lady, Leo, Lily, Lucas, Lucy, Malik, Mariah, Max, May, Micki, Midge, Miley, Milo, Molly, Muffin, Murhy, Myrna, Noah, Nutmeg, Olivia, Otis, Ozzy, Peaches, Peanut, Pedro, Peluche, Piasso, Pooka, Ranger, Rover, Roxy, Rudy, Rupert, Ryan, Ryder, Sadie, Sarah, Sam, Sanji, Sasha, Scrapes, Schubert, Scotland, Shani, Shelby, Shooter, Snicker Doodles, Snorkel, Snowbear, Solo, Soula, Spanky, Squirt, Sugar, Suki, Summer, Sunshine, Syrah, Trevor, Toby, Topaz, Waldo, Weaver, Whidbey, Willy, Winston, Wrangler, Zande, Zoey

Ornaments, close-up

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