Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ACTIONS TAKEN: Five Items on City Council September 9, 2008 Agenda

Regular City Council Meeting
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
4:30 p.m., Open Session

VII. Consent Calendar
These matters include routine financial and administrative actions, which are usually approved by a single majority vote. Individual items may be removed from Consent by a member of the Council or the public for discussion and action.

E. Consideration of a Resolution to authorize co-sponsorship between the Forest and Beach Commission and the Friends of Carmel Forest (FOCF) of an “Arbor Day” event on Thursday, October 30, 2008 and authorize City funds in an amount not to exceed $1,250.

H. Consideration of a Resolution authorizing Architectural Resources Group (ARG) for site evaluation and construction costs estimates on the Flanders Project in an amount not to exceed $11,500.

Council Member ROSE moved approval of the Consent Calendar, seconded by Council Member HAZDOVAC and carried unanimously.

VIII. Public Hearings
If you challenge the nature of the proposed action in Court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the City Council at, or prior to, the public hearing.

B. Consideration of an appeal of a decision by the Forest and Beach Commission approving the removal of a 30-inch diameter black acacia at a property at 2922 Santa Lucia Avenue. The appellant is Sue McCloud, property owner of the home next door, on the east side.

Council Member ROSE moved to grant an appeal of the Forest and Beach Commission’s decision approving the removal of a black acacia tree, overturning the Forest and Beach Commission’s decision. The motion was not seconded.

Council Member TALMAGE moved to uphold the Forest and Beach Commission’s decision approving the removal of a black acacia tree with the adoption of 6 points proposed by appellant Sue McCloud and the planting of 2 24” box olive trees unless other trees mutually agreed upon by Susan Page and Sue McCloud, seconded by Council Member SHARP and carried by the following role call:


X. Resolutions

B. Consideration of a Resolution entering into an agreement with Carver + Schicketanz to prepare plans and bid documents for the proposed new permanent restrooms at Santa Lucia and Scenic Road in an amount not to exceed $55,759

Council Member ROSE moved approval of a Resolution approving Phase I minus some items, seconded by Council Member TALMAGE and carried by the following roll call:


XI. Orders of Council

C. Receive report and provide policy direction regarding the hiring of three new firefighters.

Unanimous consent by COUNCIL MEMBERS HAZDOVAC, ROSE, TALMAGE, SHARP & McCLOUD to authorize the exploration of hiring three new firefighters.
Note: "Staff recommends the Council authorize three firefighter positions to bring the fire engine minimum staffing up from two to three" or an additional firefighter (a third firefighter) for 3 shifts.


Anonymous said...

Better late than never, I guess (?) on the added firefighter. I believe the Citygate study way back when called for a minimum of another firefighter just to comply with regulations and laws. So what now? Who will be the Fire Chief when Chief Miller goes with Monterey? What is the city's plan for the overall structure of the Carmel Fire Dept., not just the additional staffing measures now. And how long will it take to interview and hire a new firefighter and decide on the new structure for the Fire Dept.? All these discussions should have been out in the open for public discussion and debate long before October 1, the date of the merger between PG and Monterey Fire Depts. Typical example of incompetence at the city administration and mayoral levels. Just another example, unfortunately. When will our city get leadership worthy of respect?

Anonymous said...

Asinine is the word that comes to mind in describing the tree appeal. Finally after all this time, Susan Page can hire a tree service to remove her tree.
Sue McCloud's argument that she is somehow an owner of the tree in another perons' private property is unbeliveable. Here is Sue at her worst and typical. All this could have been avoided if only Sue took responsiblity and planted her own tree or shrubs on her own private property where she is concerned about privacy.
This episode gives the public a window in how badly Sue operates. A good mayor would not have appealed the F & B Commission decision and would have taken the initiative and planted her own tree. Heaven sakes.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Susan Page! One resident prevailed and won! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that city council members are beginning to be more independent . The black acacia was a minor matter except to the two property owners but it was something that Sue McCloud was very worked up about. She'll undoubtedly put a good public face on her defeat but she'll also take it personally and try to make everyone on the city council other than Rose pay for going against her. A 3-1 vote against McCloud is encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the City Council is finally beginning to have some concern for the safety of Carmel residents and businesses. Hiring 3 new firefighters is a small step forward but what will happen after Monterey and P.G. merge? Will we go back to having a leaderless fire department? Far be it for our city council to let the public know in a timely fashion what it's up to if it's up to anything at all to mitigate this problem.

VillageinForest said...

A clarification: Even though the name of the agenda item includes "three new firefighters," contact with Carmel Firefighter August Beacham confirmed that it is for the addition of one firefighter, not three firefighters. This also is confirmed by the Citygate Consolidation Study which recommended a "third" or one additiional firefighter to meet minimum requirements whether the City decided to merge with Monterey and Pacific Grove or not at a cost of $400,000 annually.