Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aaron’s "ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL" Christmas Tree, 2008

View of Aaron's 2008 "ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL" Christmas Tree from Serra Trail

View of Aaron’s "ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL" Christmas Tree, 2008
Ornaments with Handwritten Names including Arrow, Bella, Bessie, Bixby, Buffy, Buster, Chew-Chew, Chippee, Coy, Fiona, Freddy, Fritz, Furball and Sharpie, Jake, Jonah, Kristin & Aida, Lexie & Sierra, Lottie, Luke, Mela and Kalikima and Tempe, Oliver, Rosie, Rufus, Santana, Shadow, Smokey, Snoopy, Solo, Spike, Summer and Schuber, Tally, Tank, Taos, Tarzan, Twiggy and Twinkie.


To celebrate the Christmas season, animal lovers have again decorated Aaron’s tree in Mission Trail Nature Preserve. For 2008, the theme of Aaron's Christmas tree is "ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL."

Aaron’s “Merry Christmas” Tree, now a four year old redwood tree, is along Serra Trail, around the bend in the trail, about 1/4 mile from the entrance to Mission Trail Nature Preserve at Rio Road.

Canine Christmas Tree History:
Ed and Betty Anderson, of Monterey, planted their 2004 living redwood Christmas tree in Mission Trail Nature Preserve in 2005, as a memorial to their son, Aaron, who died on 21 December 2003, at the age of 31. For that first Christmas season in 2005, the tree was transformed into a magical Canine Christmas Tree. Since Aaron was an animal lover and “spent a lot of time in Mission Trail Park,” Aaron's mother said in December 2005 that she was delighted and thankful for the decorated tree at Christmastime. And Aaron “would have really enjoyed it.”

(Source: Canine Christmas tree is memorial redwood for Monterey couple’s son, Mary Brownfield, The Carmel Pine Cone, December 23, 2005)


Close-up View of Ornaments

Close-Up View of Ornaments

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