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‘MINUTES’ for Four Noteworthy 3 February 2009 City Council Agenda Items

February 3, 2009

IV. Extraordinary Business
B. Swearing-in of three new Firefighters: Graham Evans; Brian Harrington; and David Meurer.

Public Safety Director George Rawson presented the three Firefighters and Assistant City Administrator/ City Clerk Heidi Burch administered the oath.

V. Announcements from Closed Session, from City Council Members and the City Administrator.
B. Announcements from City Council members (Council members may ask a question for clarification, make a brief announcement or report on his or her activities)

1. Receive Mayor’s Annual Report

Highlights, as follows:

Sixth Annual Report
State of the City 2009
January 2009

Sue McCloud Paula Hazdovac
Mayor Mayor Pro-Tem

For Fiscal Year 2007/08, Audited Surplus of $346,841.00 applied to General Operating Reserve

Top Three Revenue Sources:
+4.4% Transient Occupancy Tax
+3.7% Property Tax
+9.2% Sales Tax

$815,000 Grants, State Bond Funds, Gifts
(Grant $300,000 to SCC, $30,000 in Gifts)

2008-2009 Budget Year
Council Established Five Priorities

1.) Update General Plan.
City-wide Survey mailed, results tabulated, analysis completed.
Del Mar and North Dunes Master Plan Task Force appointed and began work; Forest and Beach Commission and Planning Commission reviewed portions of the work of this Task Force.

2.) Update Historic Context Statement.
Clarified selection criteria and expanded to include 1941-1965 period, completed; approved by California Coastal Commission, November 2008.

3.) Monitor storm water run-off program and plan to address ASBS requirements.
Permit filed by City in October 2006 recently granted; allows storm water to flow into Carmel Bay under certain conditions
Pending: $2.5 M grant from State for dry weather diversion
City granted an ASBS exception by State Water Resources Control Board

4.) Work with Forest Theater Foundation to implement renovation of the Theater
Summer workshop; comments by public, changes to architect
Schematic plans anticipated to be received early 2009
Grant Writer researching potential funding sources
Goal to Qualify Project for Leadership and Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) at the Silver Standard Level

5.) Enhance our citywide emergency preparedness plan, to include community and regional resources.
Completed and accepted by Council

Capital Projects and Outlays:
Architect hired to prepare conceptual drawings for permanent restroom at Scenic Rd. & Santa Lucia Av.

6 Storm drains repaired or replaced;
San Antonio and 7th Av.
Mountain View Av. & Torres St.
Ladera & Rio Rd.
Santa Fe St. & 2nd Av.
Monte Verde St. & 12th Av.
Junipero Av. & Vista Av.

Resurfacing Scenic Rd and Sunset south parking lot

4th Av. Riparian Project; anticipated to be completed early 2009

VII. Consent Calendar
These matters include routine financial and administrative actions, which are usually approved by a single majority vote. Individual items may be removed from Consent by a member of the Council or the public for discussion and action.

L. Consideration of a Resolution authorizing the City Administrator to execute an hourly, at-will employment agreement for the Community Event Planning Coordinator position with Robert Clovis in an amount not to exceed $20,000 per fiscal year.

Council Member ROSE moved adoption of Item L as part of the Consent Calendar, seconded by Council Member TALMAGE, and carried unanimously.

IX. Ordinances
D. Consideration of an Ordinance amending Carmel Municipal Code Section 15.08.010 to adopt the High Fire Hazard Severity Zone map for the City, as required by State Fire Marshal and Government Code Section 51179. (First reading)

Council Member ROSE moved approval of an Ordinance amending Carmel Municipal Code Section 15.08.010 to adopt the High Fire Hazard Severity Zone map for the City, seconded by Council Member TALMAGE and carried by the following roll call:


(Source: Archived Videos, Regular City Council Meeting, February 3, 2009)

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Anonymous said...

Grant funds are worth examining. If you take away the one time only State Bond funds of $400,000 and the Irvine grant to Sunset Center of $300,000, you are left with $130,000. Take away $30,000 in gifts for $100,000. The state funds were non competitive based on population and SCC applied for the Irvine Grant. Bottom line: City received $100,000 in competitive grants last fiscal year, about normal or less than previous years according to the budget.
The city may not receive the 4th av. restoration grant monies.
What does all this mean? In my opinion Mayor Sue talks about getting grant money all the time for this and that project, but in actuality the city gets very few competive grants on a consistent basis.