Sunday, February 22, 2009

PROGRESS REPORT: Fourth Avenue Riparian Habitat and Pathway Project

ABSTRACT: Progress on the Fourth Avenue Riparian Habitat and Pathway Project is presented, featuring the Pedestrian Pathway and Storm Water drains. For the Pedestrian Pathway, Green Valley Landscaping installed StaLok® Paving Material. Information about StaLok® Paving Material is presented. It is anticipated that the project will be completed in approximately two weeks, according to Green Valley Landscaping. COMMENTS are made regarding “green building” and the storm drains.

Fourth Avenue
Pathway, Settling Pond and Bridge
S/s Fourth Avenue between Camino Real & Carmelo

Close-Up of StaLok® Paving Material Pathway

Fourth Avenue Pedestrian Pathway
S/s Fourth Avenue between San Antonio Av. & Carmelo St

StaLok® Paving Material
Aggregate soil enhanced with polymer

StaLok® Paving Materials are long lasting crushed stone paving mixes. Our StaLok® Pathway Mix™ combines natural crushed stone with a combination of engineered polymers in a totally waterless process. It provides a versatile, dustless, natural looking surface for pathways,...

LEED Points: Local/Regional Materials (1 point)
ADA Compatible POROSITY:No

LEED™ Potential Positive Impact
Stabilizer Solutions, Inc.’s family of products has the potential to improve your LEED™ accreditation. The LEED Green Building Rating System program of the US Green Building Council evaluates environmental performance from a “whole building” perspective. These “green building” standards are based on accepted energy and environmental principles. The LEED system rates new and existing commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential buildings. Credits are earned for each aspect of a particular project by satisfying the criteria set forth by the council. Based upon the number of credits earned, various levels of certification are awarded. More information is available at

StaLok® Paving Materials
StaLok® Paving Material for trails, pathways, and patios

While StaLok® Paving Material has “LEED™ Potential Positive Impact, StaLok® is impermeable.

View of “MADE IN INDIA” Storm Drain, Pedestrian Pathway
Location: S/s Fourth Avenue

Close-Up of Storm Drain

A benefit of the newly installed Storm Water Drains along the south side of Fourth Avenue is that they allow for a smooth, uninterrupted pedestrian pathway surface as opposed to a dip or depression in the pathway for drainage purposes.

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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to finally see landscaping and a path to walk on along Fourth Av. My hope is this street will become with the maturation of all the vegetation a unique streetscape like the old magestic eucalyptus row that was once there.