Wednesday, May 06, 2009

‘MINUTES’ for One Noteworthy 5 May 2009 City Council Agenda Item

ABSTRACT: The ‘MINUTES’ of the one noteworthy 5 May 2009 City Council agenda item is presented, namely the announcement that the agenda item regarding the Fire Protection Services Agreement with the City of Monterey was removed from the Agenda. Appearances remarks of a retired Captain from the San Jose Fire Department and supporter of the Monterey-Carmel Fire Protection Services Agreement are transcribed. COMMENTS are made regarding the recent history of this Agenda Item; and advice for the City of Monterey and the Carmel Professional Firefighters is given. An ADDENDUM consisting of the date of the continued agenda item on the Sale of the Flanders Mansion as Tuesday, May 12, 2009 is provided.

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 5, 2009
4:30 p.m., Open Session

City Hall
East side of Monte Verde Street between Ocean and Seventh Avenues

XI. Orders of Council
A. Receive report and provide policy direction regarding contracting fire
protection services to the City of Monterey.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Sue McCloud announced that the Agenda Item regarding Fire Services was not on the Agenda.

During Appearances, Carmel resident Jerry Floyd spoke regarding the proposed Fire Protection Services Agreement with the City of Monterey.

Jerry Floyd, Carmel Resident & Retired Captain of the San Jose Fire Department:
“Good Afternoon, Madam Mayor and Council Members and Community, my name is Jerry Floyd. My wife and I live on Casanova Street here in Carmel. We are also members of the Carmel Residents Association. This past year, we were first hand recipients of our wonderful Fire Department’s services when my wife experienced a life threatening medical emergency and received the highest level of care that we could ever ask for by the members of this fire service in this community. We were truly grateful with this service in our time of need.”

“I want to speak to you in favor of the Monterey-Carmel Fire Service contract now under consideration, although it’s not on the agenda. I understand, but this is the only time I could make myself available today. That subject in very near and dear to my heart. I am a retired Captain from the San Jose Fire Department. During my career I was both a staunch supporter and personal participant in numerous and very successful fire service contracts within Santa Clara County. These fire service contracts included many small jurisdictions, similar to Carmel; the Town of Los Gatos, City of Cupertino, City of Saratoga, City of Los Altos, City of Morgan Hill, City of San Jose and numerous fire service districts surrounding these communities have been very successful and these contracts have been in place since the 1970s. This is not a new concept In addition, there are probably a dozen other cities in the Bay area where fire service contract agreements have proven to be very successful. Taking it a step further, Los Angeles County Fire has over fifty contract cities under their successful model. In my opinion, history speaks volumes to the success of such contracts and I encourage you to embrace this time tested, well proven, cost effective, and smart government process. With validation of independent consultants who have studied the best practices solution for Carmel Fire, the support of our public safety leadership, the support of our dedicated professional firefighters and the five years of contract experience with Monterey to date, the switch is ready to be flipped and I encourage you to move forward. In my opinion, there is not a better alternative for our community in providing the best possible fire service for our citizens.”

“As a Carmel resident and highly experienced member of the fire service community, I am totally confidence the Monterey–Carmel Fire Service Contract will go above and beyond all expectations and will greatly enhance the emergency delivery system to our community. Hundreds of other communities in California have gone before you and it is now your time to embrace the most effective solution for the citizens of our community. I encourage you to act swiftly and support this agreement Hundreds of other communities in California can’t be all wrong. Thank you for your time.”

(Source: Archived Videos, Regular City Council Meeting, May 5, 2009, 1:43:55 - 1:46:49)

The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea originally announced the Agenda Item on the Carmel Fire Department for a Special City Council Agenda on Thursday, April 30, 2009. Then, the City scheduled it for the 5 May 2009 regular City Council Meeting. The Carmel Professional Firefighters placed a full page advertisement in The Carmel Pine Cone on Friday, April 24, 2009 imploring Carmel residents to attend the meeting and speak in support of the Monterey-Carmel Fire Protection Services Agreement. At the 5 May 2009 City Council Meeting, Mayor Sue McCloud announced that the Agenda Item regarding Fire Services was not on the Agenda.

The City of Monterey may be wise to cancel its month-to-month Fire Services Contract with the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea as of June 2009 and the Carmel Professional Firefighters may be wise to look for opportunities to join other Fire Departments in cities whose governmental representatives and citizens value the opinions and service of their firefighters.

XI. Orders of Council

B. Scheduling Future City Council meetings – Please Bring Your Calendar

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Sue McCloud announced the date of the continued City Council meeting on the Sale of the Flanders Mansion as Tuesday, May 12, 2009.


Monterey Resident said...

Monterey should refocus their attention on us, the residents of Monterey. No more babysitting Carmel and hoping they agree to a regional fire services concept.

I also think Carmel has been jerking the Carmel fireman around long enough. Augie Beecham said he was ready to leave the city five years ago. He and his cohorts should join fire departments who treat their employees with more respect than Carmel. Also, Monterey has shielded Carmel officials from their irresponsible decisions thus far and should end the pretense with Carmel right now.

Anonymous said...

I commend Mr. Floyd for speaking in support of the Carmel-Monterey fire contract. Carmelites desperately need more informed professionals in the fire business with their experience speaking out. At least we know where individuals like Mr. Floyd is coming from with his solid experience in seeing the success of various fire contracts between cities like Carmel and larger fire departments. His advice about moving swiftly should be taken to heart too by all people with an interest in protecting themselves and their neighbors from fire dangers, especially as we enter the wildfire and hot and long extreme fire conditions of central California.

Trout said...

Very few Carmelites understand the dictatorial control Sue McCloud has over the city.

Very few understand she is the acting city administrator and Rich is a passive, impotent placeholder.

Very few are willing to believe the mayor will not put her personal pettiness aside and work out a mutually agreed upon use for Flanders with the non-profit group Flanders Foundation.

Very few will believe Sue McCloud is the stumbling block to resolving the management of the fire department and finding a use for Flanders, etc.

Very few will concede the Pine Cone might as well be the City Hall Times. Readers get slanted stories showing the mayor and city is the best possible light when the Pine Cone should be holding their feet to the accountability fire.

The myth there is no apathy in Carmel continues to dominate. Apathy combined with being largely uninformed about the big issues dominates. This should not be confused with beliefs. Many in Carmel hold strong beliefs. It is just those beliefs are rarely based on facts and critical thinking.

Carmel could be so much more than it is and it is very sad we are not all rowing in the same boat towards the same destination.

Anonymous said...

Every city has them. An inner circle power group. Carmel’s is the fire contract ambush group. They organized themselves before the budget meeting with the encouragement of Sue McCloud. How do we know this? Because the ambush group did not appear in mass at the May council meeting to speak against the fire contact because Sue tipped them off beforehand. People like these making up these groups in tandem with the mayor is why Carmel is not the open, friendly place it used to be. Group politics is not good at the national level and it is most certainly not good at the local, city level.

Pike said...

Brook, Brown, Rainbow or Sea? May your astute observations be read by many bloggers. You are right on. Carmelites need an awakening!