Monday, May 04, 2009

One Noteworthy 5 May 2009 City Council Agenda Item

City Council AGENDA
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 @ 4:30 P.M.

City Hall
East side of Monte Verde Street between Ocean and Seventh Avenues

XI. Orders of Council
A. Receive report and provide policy direction regarding contracting fire protection services to the City of Monterey.

Material for XI-A provided under “separate cover,” according to City Clerk Heidi Burch.

(Sources: Agenda, Regular Meeting, Tuesday, May 5, 2009 and AGENDA Packet, Regular Meeting, Tuesday, May 5, 2009)

Special Budget Meeting – 4:30 P.M.
Thursday, May 7, 2009
Council Chambers


Anonymous said...

Not. Date TBD.

Anonymous said...

Courageous or cowardice? I would wager these anti-fire agreement people have not bothered to seat down with the firemen, look them in the eyes and honestly tell them why they are unsupportive. I would also wager they do not have any reasonable suggestions themselves or we would have heard a lot more constructive input about a year ago. Some of these people point to the city not negotiating with CalFire, etc. stimulaneously with Monterey to get the best deal for Carmel without pointing to the fact Mayor Sue would have seen to it if she had wanted to, but that has not stopped them from siding with the unprofessional tactics and self-filling prophesy of Sue McCloud.

Wait until one of the opposition people require a fire emergency, then they might change their tune.