Friday, June 10, 2016

earth alert! ‘educating the public on environmental issues:’ Heroes of the Coast — the Documentary

ABSTRACT:Written, produced and directed by Janet Bridgers, the President of EarthAlert!, Heroes of the Coast - The Documentary tells the story of some of the Californians who invested their time, money and, sometimes, their careers, in supporting the passage of Proposition 20, The California Coastal Protection Act” video is embedded. “This 52-minute documentary presents 50 years of the California coastal protection movement from direct sources--the individuals who worked successfully for passage of Prop. 20 in 1972. Prop. 20 created the California Coastal Commission, and was reauthorized by the legislature's passage of the Coastal Act in 1976, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The documentary also describes the process and achievements of the Coastal Commission.” Additonally, Heroes of the Coast - Josh Ashenmiller, PhD., a 9-minute video provides “additional historical context, particularly with regard to federal environmental legislation that was passed in the same time period,” is embedded.

Heroes of the Coast - the Documentary

Heroes of the Coast - Josh Ashenmiller, PhD


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 The mission of Earth Alert! is to contribute to the enormous and ongoing need to educate the public on environmental issues by cost-effective use of mainstream media and independent production.

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