Friday, February 12, 2010

Mark Bayne (SOCNC) on Proposed Villas de Carmelo Project DEIR: 'We believe that the candidates for elected office should know that this is a critical voter issue for their constituents and the future quality of life in our Carmel community.'

ABSTRACT: At the 2 February 2010 City Council Meeting, during Appearances, Mark Bayne, Save Our Carmel Neighborhoods Coalition (SOCNC), addressed the public and City Council Members. Bayne's comments on the proposed Villas de Carmelo project, specifically the upcoming recirculation of certain sections, including, but not limited to, Traffic and Water sections of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for public comments, are presented.

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
City Hall
East side of Monte Verde Street between Ocean and Seventh Avenues

VI. Appearances
Anyone wishing to address the City Council on matters within the jurisdiction of the City and are not on the agenda may do so now. Matters not appearing on the City Council’s agenda will not receive action at this meeting but may be referred to staff for a future meeting. Presentations will be limited to three (3) minutes, or as otherwise established by the City Council. Persons are not required to give their names, but it is helpful for speakers to state their names in order that the City Clerk may identify them in the minutes of the meeting. Always speak into the microphone, as the meeting is recorded on tape.

Mark Bayne, Save Our Carmel Neighborhoods Coalition (SOCNC):
"Madam Mayor, Council Members and Staff, my name is Mark Bayne. I am here today on behalf of our Save Our Carmel Neighborhoods Coalition (SOCNC). Three years ago our volunteer coalition came together to protect the community character of our neighborhoods and the current zoning at the former Carmel Convalescent Hospital Site on Valley Way and Highway One. An upstate New York Developer, Widewaters, Inc., well known for it strip malls, has proposed a 46 unit, two and three story condo development for the hospital site called Villas de Carmelo."

"Our group represents over 125 households in Carmel and the surrounding area. We enjoy wide support from a variety of groups including the Carmel Residents Association, Carmel Woods Association, League of Women Voters, Land Watch and the Planning Department of the City of Carmel. The Coastal Commission has written letters to the Monterey County Planning Department raising our same concerns after the first Villas de Carmelo Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was published."

"The next DEIR for Villas de Carmelo will be re-released soon, correcting significant environmental impacts that were not addressed adequately in the previous DEIR. These corrected sections will be on traffic, water, and Scenic Highway One impacts, etc. Once the recirculation of the DEIR is published, the 45 day period of public comment will begin again."

"The proposed Villas de Carmelo has not changed. The project would be equal to the size, mass and density of the Barnyard Shopping Center. This condominium complex would be completely out of scale to our singe family residential neighborhood."

"SOCNC supports the adaptive reuse of the historical hospital building. We also support the current single family residential zoning. We do not support Villas de Carmelo. We believe that the candidates for elected office should know that this is a critical voter issue for their constituents and the future quality of life in our Carmel community. On behalf of the Save Our Carmel Neighborhoods Coalition, thank you!"

(Source: Archived Video,Regular City Council Meeting February 02, 2010, 59:45 - 01:02:10)

Save Our Carmel Neighborhoods Coalition
P.O. Box 221001
Carmel, CA 93922-1001

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Anonymous said...

The County completed the DEIR last year in the spring. We were told the revised sections would be recirculated in January 2010 and the recirculated DEIR has not yet been made public for comments. Even if the DEIR is released soon, the EIR process will have taken over one year before the FEIR is completed and even longer for the hearings before the Subdivision Committee, Historic Committee, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. After all that time and effort and monies spent by Widewaters, I wonder how this process will end - with the project as proposed, with a different project or with no project and/or with a lawsuit no matter which project is approved by the County. And then the Coastal Commission will have their say. Stay tuned.