Thursday, January 14, 2016

PETITION: Allow Woodburning fires in Portable Pits on Carmel Beach

ABSTRACT: Jeanne McCulloch started the Petition “Allow Woodburning fires in Portable Pits on Carmel Beach,” Letter to Mayor of Carmel Jason Burnett, Vice Mayor of Carmel by the Sea Ken Talmage, City Council Member Carmel by the Sea Carrie Theis, City Council Member Carmel by the Sea Steve Dallas, City Council Member Carmel by the Sea Victoria Beach, California Coastal Commission Staff Mike Watson and Chief of Police/ Interim City Supervisor Mike Calhoun. McCulloch asked at the end of January 5th's meeting that it be put on next month's City Council Agenda, February 2, 2016. The Petition states, in part, “We the undersigned would like to encourage the City Council to embrace another plan. One that would preserve the age old tradition of a Natural Wood burning fire, while maintaining the integrity of the beautiful white sands of Carmel Beach, as well as limiting the number that could take place at one time. We are endorsing the limited use of Portable Fire Pits, as well as a ban on burning all toxic substances including lighter fluid. A viable Police presence walking the beach to maintain a level of moderation in all things. Ordinances & signage against littering & burning toxic substances to allow enforcement. Two Lender Kiosks (placed at 10th & 13th Aves) with a minimum of 4 portable pits each for visitors to borrow with a current Driver's License. Residents have option of bringing their own. Two fire proof receptacles installed for disposal of charcoal. Fires would be permitted Monday through Thursday and forbidden on the Weekends & Holidays. A Volunteer brigade of locals to help monitor the beach & educate the Public on preserving its natural beauty.” Sign Petition @

Salinas is (almost) all in on pot, while Carmel rallies bonfires.

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